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uDelivered Mobile Business Tools (MBT) are designed primarily to collect delivery information on a range of inexpensive mobile devices.  Their capabilities, flexibility and the range of information they can collect make them an invaluable tool for every business. 


All uDelivered products focus entirely on collecting data and feeding core systems to enhance the entire business. Every tool has the capability to receive data from a core system, process that data to a device and then collect data on the device and feed that information back to the core or any other system.

The uD.Cloud is used to manage the data between client systems and the devices.  We provide this web based service for most customers but some find having their own servers to be more suitable to their requirements.


uDelivered products are designed for the real world where mobile data signal is not always available or affordable.  All data is retained on the device.  As each event is recorded the device will attempt to contact the server and upload the data.  If the upload in not successful the data  is retained for the next connection or uploaded when a wifi connection is available.


Our lead platform is the Apple iDevices but Android versions of all uDelivered products is very close behind the Apple releases.




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dev driver deliver


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Limited resistance to use as the technology is accepted. Most people use smartphones now.

Implementation & training is a breeze.

Customer Service

Better and more detailed information. Job status with any issues or asset movements being recorded. DigitalProof provides imbedded information including name, signature, GPS location and more all in the one image.

Your customer service people can be confident in dealing with customers.


Easy to use and accepted technology. Better and more detailed information back to team leaders for informed decision making. Easier and more effective compliance recording.

Operations managers feel in control and confident in reporting to management. Less stress.


Quicker sign-off and easy to implement and manage. Straight forward integration procedures. Takes the pressure off IT to provide cost effective solutions in-house.

Can do it NOW. Frees up time that can be devoted to other tasks. Less stress.


Investment in technology can be daunting especially for SME businesses. The cost to introduce & implement uDelivered Proof is a fraction of the cost of other technology, and is more advanced.

Developing systems in-house often leads to disappointment due to long delays and blown out costs.

Better solutions at a fraction of the cost. Minimal CAPEX required resulting in speedier decisions from management.


Easier decision making with performance : cost ratio well ahead of other solutions. Busy people need simple and easy solutions. Implementation can be delegated so minimal senior management involvement required.

Confidence in the businesses compliance requirements with the information flow integrated with their recording system.

Saves money, Frees up time, Fosters confidence, Less stress

The Void

Pareto's principle or the 80-20 rule is well known in business. 80% of Business resources are generally used on 20 % of the business. When it comes to capturing field information via a paper trail or other manual processes it becomes The Void.

Inefficiencies, delays, loss of vital data causes frustration for employees and customers. Capturing information electronically and having it available in near real time is an emerging capability with today's powerful mobile devices. It can also be expensive.

Not so with uDelivered Mobile Business Tools (MBT).

Delivery information, Sales process and orders, Field Service and general collection of information with DigitalProof  - all possible and affordable with uDelivered.


The concept of Bring Your Own Device to the workplace takes on a new meaning for the transport industry, sales teams & field workers.

Businesses that embrace BYOD have some advantages over competitors. For starters, BYOD programs generally shift costs to the user. Over 40% of devices used to access business applications are personally owned.

You might expect users to revolt against paying for the devices and technology they use at work. Not so. As the * Good Technology State of BYOD Report states, "50 percent of companies with BYOD models are requiring employees to cover all costs -- and they are happy to do so" if it allows them to use the smart phones and tablets they already own and love.

*  http://media.www1.good.com/documents/Good_Data_BYOD_2011.pdf

For businesses with workers that currently use mobile hand held computers, or are still swamped with the paper trail BYOD may be the answer. With uDelivered Mobile Business Tools (MBT) the total solution is at hand.


uDelivered pricing have two tiers. Device sign up and subscription charges based on either transaction volumes or fixed cost plans.  There are also Corporate and Enterprise options for large organisations.

Sign up costs range from $195 to $355 per device depending on the number of devices being used in the one business. Subscription charges can be a low as $105 per month for a small business and 3.5 cents per transaction for large organisations.

Please contact uDelivered to discuss your business requirements. Once we get an understanding of your specific requirements an accurate costing can be provided.


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