Mobile devices are a part of everyday life and they are rapidly being recognised as effective business tools given the appropriate applications. uDelivered has developed Mobile Business Tools (MBT) for transport, sales, service and collecting information and are pioneers in this new and exciting industry.

uDelivered is actively seeking to recruit key business channel partners to market and sell its exciting suite of solutions. Being a Product Partner with uDelivered will add value to your  existing solutions by quickly, easily and profitability providing you with a solution to offer your client base.

Both reseller and branded Product Partner opportunities are part of the uDelivered opportunity.

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Many businesses are looking for mobile tools to assist with managing certain aspects of their business. The current suite of MBTs evolved from concepts that were developed in partnership with businesses that had a need for the application. This allowed uDelivered to develop based on the real needs of a typical business unit and test the application in the real world.

At uDelivered we are committed to search for new ways and methods. Working with partners and listening to our customers we push the bounds to ensure our systems are imply the best.

A development partnership is a great way to get started with a smartphone application that will improve your business processes. All uDelivered partnerships are based on the merits of the product, available resources and the right fit to the uDelivered partnership model. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your business requirements that may benefit from a smartphone application.

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